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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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lot of the people here -- some people actually helped the search for him. they also tried to keep awareness going that he was missing, and here at the high school where he graduated, some of the students took it pops themselves to climb up the hill that overlooks the campus and scrawled out a message in chalk that simply reads "brett." the 20-year-old, brett olson, was last seen at a mast intubing event. large-scale such was quickly launched, including fliers distributed around his town and chico and other areas oomph local restaurant held a fundraiser on friday and raised $4,000 to help pay for the continuing search. but this morning a body was discovered by people fishing along the sacramento river. the body has been positively identified by brett olson's family. the chico police thanked
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everybody for their help. >> the outpouring in the city of chico, people from the bay area, from areas outside of that, coming here to help in the search for brett, speaks volumes how they feel about this young man. reporter: this is youtube video taken on sunday. where he was last seen '. he was one of hundreds of college students who turned out for the annual labor day weekend river float near a spot called beer can beach. chico police tell us he did drowned. they do not see any signs of foul play, and toxicology reports from his autopsy may not be available for another couple weeks. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> alan: we have new details on the abduction of two children from south san francisco. the fisherman who spotted the boat off the coast spoke to us. ross robinette said he was
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trolling for tuna thursday afternoon when he noticed a boat sailing in circles. the man said he was going to hawaii and needed to buy fuel. robinette thought it was odd. >> have you been into monterey or half moon bay? if not i'll direct you and you can good shut fuel. his answer was no, if i go in there, i'll have to stay, and another red flag went if. >> police say the man kidnapped his son and daughter and stole the boat. robinette contacted the coercion -- coast guard friday night and is in the jail. >> ama: santa cruz firefighter rescued man after he fell from a cliff. it happened at west cliff drive just after noon. the victim is being treated for moderate injuries. >> alan: it's been exactly two years since the deadly gas explosion in san bruno. twheapts a -- that's when a
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high-pressure main erupted, the fire storm destroyed more than three dozen homes and killed eight people. lillian kim joins us from a special vigil. reporter: the ceremony has wrapped up but people are still here, talking and supporting each other. it's been quite an emotional day. city leaders unveiled a black here at the city park honoring the eight people who died in a pg&e pipeline explosion two years ago today. the names are on the plaque, and family members walked up to take it in. it was not easy for them. some who recovered burn injuries. we spoke to two daughter of elizabeth torres. the 81-year-old died trying to flee her home. >> still at times can't believe she is gone, it really happened. >> does this help you? >> a little bit.
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>> nice that she is remembered, but it was -- i would rather her be here. so she ale -- really liked this park. reporter: in addition to the eight people who died, 38 homes were destroyed in the blast. several more people were injured and dozen more homes were damaged. the neighborhood is rebuilding. eight homes have been completed. 13 are underway. live in san bruno. abc-7 news. >> ama: milpitas police are searching for whoever shot and killed a 7-eleven employee saturday morning. police responded to reports of a shooting saturday morning. they found the body of a 62-year-old employee. the man's name is not being released per the family's request. >> a homeless man in golden gate park its under arrest for allegedly attacking a park ranger and a policeman with a tree branch. this morning a ranger approached the homeless man.
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the man got angry and hit the ranger with a tree branch. an officer responded and was also hit. the homeless man was subdued. >> alan: a community meeting will be held involving a taser and a dog walking incident. a park ranger tased a dog walker after he gave the rain area false name and began walking away. the congresswoman called the tasing excessive force. the dog walker is suing the national park service. >> ama: a water main break has shut done a portion of cherry street in newark. the pipe burst under two southbound lanes of cherry street. motorists are being urged to avoid the area. police estimate it could take eight to12 hours to repair the main. how weather to make things worse for the fires burning across california. >> he said i was a re-tread.
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>> alan: the growing battles between governors and why this war of words shows no sign of stopping. >> ama: the honors continue for the petaluma little league all-stars. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. get rade for some gradual warming through the work week. my accuweather seven-day
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>> ama: a change in weather is
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making things difficult for firefighters battling wildfires across the state. there are nine major fires burning across the state right now. the newest began friday in lake county. the scotch fire has burned five square miles and is 10% contained. it's a mile away from homes but no evacuations are underway. >> alan: 75 miles southeast of that one, 1300 firefighterrers are fighting a massive fire. it burned 28 square miles since it began on september 4th. it's expected to be completely surrounded tomorrow. in southern california, wildfire in the san gabriel mottes is expected to be fully contained by thursday. it's burned six and a half square miles and is 83% contained. the fire broke out over labor day weekend, and thousands were evacuated. all residents have been allowed back into their homes but camping is still prohibited in the area. >> ama: you might find yourself digging deeper into the pocket
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to fill up at the gas station. a survey of fuel prices show you're not alone. the report out today shows the price has jumped eight cents per gallon in the last two weeks. the national average is now 3.84. here in the bay area it's 4.19. just ahead, the war of words between two governors. >> alan: the petaluma all-stars meet up with the giant all-stars. >> ama: a bit of a warmup ahead. leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: the 49ers and the packers were the game of the day. randy moss playing dividends as the 49ers battle theƧ?x?xpcs6
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make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. >> alan: the economy is front and center this election year ask the battle is heating up. here's the latest on the race for the white house. >> here in wisconsin, we're not better off under president obama. >> the mitt romney campaign launched this ad in wisconsin. part of a series of 16 spots released in nine battlegrounds states, all following the seem theme of a better future.
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>> create over 240,000 new jobs. >> august jobs numbers released friday won't do much to bolster president obama's claims jobs are being created. 96,000 jobs were created but that's not enough to keep up with people looking for jobs, and the drop in the unemployment raid may have resulted from some job searchers giving up. the figures were not lost on the'llan challenger. >> this is saying people are having a hard time finding work. very, very troubling. >> president obama who spent sunday in florida ridiculed the republican's tickets plans for economic relief. >> tax cuts, tax cuts, and tax cuts. >> romney criticized members of his open party for agreeing to a deal that would result in massive cuts to the military, across the board cuts go into
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effect in january if congress fails to reach a deficit reduction plan by the end of the year. among the republicans who voted for the plan, romney's running mate, paul ryan. abc-7 news. >> ama: governor jerry brown is defending his recent fitness challenge against chris christie. at the front of the national convention, christie called brown an old retread. so brown challenged kris kris today. brown said it wasn't an attack against christie's weight but a way to show that at 74 he's not over the hill. >> so i was warmed up from one of my runs and i said, okay, christie issue challenge you to a three mile race, try some chinups. >> saying he is overweight? >> no, this old re-tread can beat you any day of the week. >> kris kris responded telling reporters can have the contest with himself. >> alan: there was one more honor for the petaluma little
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league sister-in-law team -- all-star team and pizza and giants. the team signed at graphs and posed for pictures. one player said today was almost better than being in the championship game. >> having a pizza party with matt cain. most people would dream about this. >> meeting him in person was cool. >> did i give any pitching tips? no, probably learning from these kids. >> alan: matt cain had to leave early to get to tonight's game but the team stayed to chow down on deep dish pizza. >> ama: um. >> leigh: a great week ahead. and then we'll heat up wednesday, and thursday. a live look towards san jose. you can see a lot of blue sky. live doppler 7hd not showing a
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lot of activity. the low clouds and fog pushed out, bringing us clear sky right now. a little low cloudiness near the coast but that's about it. different story, southern california, with some isolated receive their thunderstorms, continue to rumble there. check out this one right here heading towards the san fern indian dough valley, los angeles, oceanside right now picking up moderate rain so if you have travel plans or waiting for someone to come back from this location, there could be some slight delays there. >> here's a look at the highs today. a lot of 80s. although in the north bay, we had 90, cloverdale, clear lake, and santa rosa yesterday. the numbers came down, so 87, clear lake. 65, san francisco. antioch, 87. livermore, 81. 74 was the high in san jose. temperatures trending down right now. santa rosa, 79. 62 in san francisco, and mountain view right now, 72. 72 in livermore, and 82 in antioch.
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here's a look at our highlights to get you through tonight, at least the first part of the work week. cool overnight, temperatures inland in the mid-to-upper 40s. we'll keep a little patchy coastal cloud, mild for your monday afternoon, ask then warm things up a little bit each day as we progress through the week. 43 the low tonight in santa rosa, compared to 53 for san francisco and overcast conditions, and 58 in antioch. this low helped to cool some parts of the bay area down, maybe one or two degrees this afternoon. it's going to push on towards the north. we say goodbye to that and say hello to a little high pressure going to bring us some mild to warm air throughout much of our work week. so he'll go with gradual warnings through mid-week. wednesday, thursday, could be the warmest days of the work week. getting out the door tomorrow, 40s near the coast. 50s near the bay.
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lunch warm, mid-to-upper 70s inland, mid-50s at the coast, and by the 4:00 hour we're looking at mid-to-upper 80s inland, 70s around the bay. and mid-to-low 60s at our beaches. you're going to like the forecast for tomorrow. sunshine, less fog. look for 80s. 84 for santa rosa. napa, 82. 68, san francisco. richmond, 72. 85, concord. 86, livermore. oakland, monday night football, raiders tomorrow night. durr during the day warm to 74. by kicktime, 7:15, temperatures in the upper 60s. 88 for gilroy tomorrow. salinas, 73. the accuweather seven-day forecast. gradual warming, inland towers up to mid-9s so. go raiders!
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>> alan: i noticed an extra bounce in shu's step because the 49ers played. >> nothing like the seen opener and today it was the packers hosting the niners, and jim harbaugh used all his tools and won their first game at lambeau 1eu7b9s 90. 49ers get the first td in the second. alex smith to moss. niners up 10-0. aaron rodgers, long drive of his own. a one-word td to fin lee. 489er kick ends the first half with an nfl tying 63-yard field goal. hits the crossbar and goes over. first niners drive in the third. smith to davis. alex 20-26, 211 yards, 23-7 niners. bad call of the game. a clip not called. 75-yard touchdown, have to get rid of these replacement refs. next packer possession, rodgers
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enter -- intercepted. next play, frank gore. watch this run. 16 carries, 112 yards. never count out the packers. rodgers to jones. down 30-22. then last chance for the packers. rodgers airs it out but it's knocked away and the 49ers hold on for a 30-22 victory. >> andrew luck making his nfl debut in chicago. not the luck we saw at stafford. throws his fir interception second quarter. andrew, 23-45, 309 yards, three interceptions. his first and only td pass, four yards to avery. bears crush the colts. >> robert griffin iii, great debut, 320 yards. two td passes.
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his first went 88 yards. garcon catching it. 40-32 the final. >> a little baseball. the a's and mariners. got to get me one of these hots. tommy milone, continued strong pitching. tied a career high with ten strikeouts. got help from his offense. ty in, joining gomes, see you 16th of the year, off jason vargas. 3-0as. mariners get within one but as sweep the mariners, 42 the final. >> a little tennis, u.s. open holding the women's final after bad weather yesterday and what a match with serena williams and victoria azarenka. s a rein -- azarenka, up 5-3,
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but serena fights back. now up 6-5. championship point and she will break to win her fourth u.s. open, 15th major, defeating victoria azarenka in three sets. >> djokovic and david ferrer finishing their semi match today. ferrer led 5-2 before play was suspended. but novak battled back, check out the reach on that point. reaches he difference final. faces hi childhood rival, andy murray, tomorrow. pga tour, fedex cup playoffs. dustin johnson on the ninth. tied for the lead. but falters. finishes 16 under, four trots shack. strong tournament for phil mickelson. from the rough. lefty drains it for the & but fell off late and is two shots back. a four-way tie atop the leaderboard until rory mcilroy sank birdie putts on 9 and 10,
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and then on 16, insurance. wins the bmw championship by two strokes. his second straight fedex cup playoff victory. >> what a day around the nfl. raiders preview and the monday night game against in the chargers tonight at 11:00. see you two then. >> alan: a rough weekend at the box office. the low totals that made this one of the w
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>> alan: coming up at 11:00, new details about the deadly accident in walnut creek. a piece of metal that fell from the sky, shocking a neighborhood tonight at 11:00. >> ama: "the possession" has taken over the box office, earning $9.5 million. this is the lowe's grossing weekend for the box office this year. listen to this. the worst in a decade. it's also the first time in four years that no film cracked the $10 million mark. lawless, hung on to second place, earning 6 million. "the words" opened in third place. "expendables" is fourth. >> alan: that's it for abc-7 at
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6:00. >> ama: thanks for watching, and don't forget to get our cool new alarm clock app for the iphone. get bay area news, headlines, the moment you wake up. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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